November 4, 2017 WODs No Comments

CrossFit Rowing Tournament November 18th, 2017

CrossFit YKV – CrossFit

Metcon (No Measure)

1. Team Pay the “Price”

2. “Lyon’s” Bow Leg Bobcats

3. “Wright’s” Don’t let them see me cry

4. “Pape’s” What?!… Its not bench day?!!!

Event 1:

Team 150m relay (all team members get their own rower. The next rower to go is signalled by the first rower completing their row and raising their hand)

Event 2:

Individual 500m

Event 3:

Team 6000m (team members have to do a minimum of 2 times on the erg, team decides order and duration of each)

Event 4:

Individual 1000m

Event 5:

Team 250m/500m relay (half the team must do 250m, half the team must do 500m. Team decides the order, and who rows the distances)

Event 6:

Individual 750m

Event 7:

Individual 10 stroke maximum power (set fan to heaviest setting, set screen to watts, take 10 strokes, to record peak power)

Event 8:

Team “Surprise Event”