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Sunday's 2:15pm - 4:00pm

(every second Sunday)

Our competition program is geared towards those members who are looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This can be either the CrossFit Games or the various weekend competitions. The key difference between this program and our group classes is that the competition programming is aimed towards those who are training for a competition versus using CrossFit as a fitness program. This distinction is key as the competition program includes an increased volume of training as well as movements, skills, and competition techniques. Some of these elements are not included in our group class programming as they are not essential if you’re not competing.


A strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. At CrossFit YKV you will build strength through our programming. Our amazing coaches will help you progress to become a stronger, fitter, faster and healthier version of yourself.


The emphasis of the Foundations program is on skill development and exposure to the wide variety of CrossFit movements, as well as familiarizing you with the concepts and terminology used in CrossFit. You will be coached on technique throughout class to ensure your safety and your success as you progress. The Foundations program is a prerequisite for our daily classes. If you have not done CrossFit before, we require the completion of 3 CrossFit Foundations sessions before attending programmed CrossFit Classes. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday Snatching
Saturday Deadlift and Cleans
Sunday Squatting and Overhead Pressing


This class will focus primarily on the squat (low bar & high bar), the deadlift and press (bench, strict & push press). We will also cover technique, programming options, accessory lifts and all things related to the main three lifts. The goal is perfecting the movement and positioning. Beginners will focus on proper positions before adding weight and speed. Intermediate to advanced lifters will focus on weight and refinement of technique, as well as muscle and central nervous system conditioning. Come warmed up and ready to move!


Focus is on strongman/heavy lifting techniques. This class will increase your load capacity through the use of movements from the strongman competitions such as atlas stone lifting and loading, deadlift, axle bar lifts, log work, tire flips, sled work, yoke work, and various holds and carries.


Some extra time at the gym to do your ‘own thing’ or perhaps to do a workout you missed earlier in the week or to hone your skills from a skill session or specialty class. A Trainer is on site during Open Gym time to ensure everyone’s safety and act as a resource. We will be posting suggested workouts on a weekly basis.


Do you want to become a CrossFitter with better movements, stronger lifts and more skill? Our mobility class can help you get there. The mobility class is designed to help you enhance your recovery, prevent injury and improve performance. Coach Nina provide you with the tools to perform basic maintenance on yourself to become a better athlete. This class is about stretching with intention, positions and ideas; the focus will change weekly.