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Crossfit YKV is an elite training gym at Avenue and Davenport that’s unlike most of the crossfit gyms in the city. The 2,000-square foot, three-floor facility is bright and flooded with natural light thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows. Its equipped with state-of-the-art equipment by Rogue Fitness.

The gym offers a mix of strength and conditioning programs including its Olympic Weightlifting classes but the main attraction is the rig – think adult jungle gym – spanning the centre of the room. It contains 34-foot monkey bars perfect for squatting, back bends, pull ups, and wall balls.

Upstairs is the cardio suite – a fully loaded pre-game room. Equipped with a boxing station, bikes and treadmills, the cardio suite primarily functions as a warm up area.

Locker rooms and private changerooms are in the basement of the gym, which also contains the personal training gym. This area feels very elite, very ‘do not disturb, fitness fanatics working here.’ It’s impressive, and slightly intimidating.

Crossfit isn’t my usual go-to workout, but even I can’t deny the vibe inside the gym is fun. I tried a regular workout here and was taught proper form and fundamentals.

Separated into stations around the jungle gym, the class progressed through kettle bell workouts, squats and lifts, and the quintessential Crossfit workout, the rowing machine and my nemesis, box jumps.

The good thing about Crossfit is that you can customize the intensity to what you can handle. The moves are challenging, but a sense of relief and adrenaline washes over you as you finish each rep and move on to the next station.

If you want to become a member you have to take their three-day Crossfit Foundations class. This teaches proper movement and structure in a class with the goal to make sure you understand proper lifting, squatting and jumping technique.

Other classes include Crossfit powerlifting and Crossfit Unloaded which combine bodyweight movements, plyometrics and running. There are also advanced classes like Strongman and Unloaded Powerlifting which both sound terrifying.

Drop-in classes are a cool $30 per class with a $210 monthly fee for three classes a week.